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Led clock I'm currently working on.

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Oculus FPV

Project go use an Oculus Rift in combination with 2 Raspberry Pi's to create an FPV experience

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Smart Senseo

Order coffee through an Android app

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My project page, ment to share my projects and the problems I encounter during execution.

I'm a busy person who likes to create stuff. These projects are all for amusement and learning. I've been creating these kind of projects since I started my education at the Fontys back in 2007.

I had the luck too convert my hobby and passion into a day job but this doesn' t mean I'm going to leave their.

The projects I start at home are all over the place, from low level embedded like microcontrollers till high level like QT and Java on embedded Linux devices. But a there is a theme:Linux and microcontrollers and micro processors.

In 2010 I started to use Ubuntu as a daily driver and got a real Linux and Opensource enthausiast. The projects that I've done pre 2014 are not open sourced. Back then I was under the impression that nobody cared about it. But actually keeping it to myself won't helpout either. From now one everything will be released on github.