Suprise 2015

This year I got my brother in law. He is a pretty zen person so I decided to make him an wifi buddha moodlight.

The buddha is based on an ESP8266-01 with 3 WS2812B leds. The led’s are controlled by sending the color data with use of UDP to the ESP.
To create the moodlight I used a laser cutter to engrave the buddha in plexiglass which will be light up by the led’s.
The electronics had to be hidden so I cut out a box with the laser cutter. The sides are made off individual planks glued togheter. The wood was pretty pale so I used furniture polish to give it some color.


After the box was done the buddha is pressure fitted inside the cutout.

To light the thing up I created a simple Android app which is able to send the UDP messages with the color data. The color is selected with a color picker.

IMG_20151216_124615IMG_20151216_124553 IMG_20151224_132030