Small side projects

Surprise 2014 finaly done

Here is the end result of a whole week of labor.
The box will open it self and show a poem for my girlfriend.

Based on a beaglebone with wifi dongle with the use of hostapd, apache, dhcpd, cgi scripting


Twittering Bonsai Irrigation system

I’ve received a Bonsai tree from some friends. But I was pretty lazy in taking care of it. The tree demanned a tight watering schedule. So I’ve desided to create a watering system which could send the status to twitter.
The most saidest part of this story, my bonsai died before the project was finished.
I’ve used the project to keep my basil alive.

The watering system consisted of a PIC16F690 which was connected to a wifi module. The system broadcasted the moisture level of the ground. On my NAS a cron job was running which received the status and updated a twitter status every 24 hours.

The pump was started based on the moisture level so it would water the plant. The level was checked each hour and then went to sleep to keep the power usage to a minimum.

After a while I’ve disconnected it because of the motor noise became an issue for my GF.

**The result**



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