Graduation Project

I’ve studied Computer Siences at the Fontys University.
As a graduation project (2012) I’ve created together with another student a Indoor Navigation application on an Android Smart phone.
The assignment asked for a solution which included no extra infra structure and should work on a standard Android phone.
After allot of testing at the office we tried it out in the Maxima Medisch Centrum in Eindhoven and at the Fontys.
It worked great at the MMC, they had allot of wifi coverages through out the building. At the Fontys it didn’t work quite well because their was allot of interference of other student projects which shared the same 2.4 Ghz band.

After some investigation we chose for the fingerprinting technique which utilizes the existing wifi network.
When this was implemented we added navigation as well and optimized the positioning by taking walls and doors into account.

A separate application was written to create a map of the building. On this map the user indicates where walls and doors are located.
This was taking in to account during positioning and navigation.

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